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A Play on Words

June 21, 2012

A Play on Words

Facetious, flippant in a manner, said to Ernest, with dismay,

“The light of the mood did not show today.”

Ernest, pondering this remark, was perspicuous in a word foray.

“You’ve got it wrong, old chum,” he remarked.

“The light of the moon at this side of the sphere

In daylight will not brightly appear.”

“Hmm,” says Facetious, “Bird-dog that I am,

Noetic in my stature, and steady in my poise,

“Am stricken aback without the moons’ bright employs.”

“You jape with your reply, “ stated Facetious,


“Due to planetary revolutions around the sun star,

“Our planet, the moon, is timebounded.”

With a slight kerfuffle,

Facetious was apt to abnegate.

With a quizzical stature,

Facetious became indurate!

“No qualms, companion of mine,”

Ernest declared.

“Your daily thoughts are valuable,

“Although your mind impaired.”

“I appreciate your slight reproach,” Facetious stated.

“Always masterful with your words of choice.

“Perhaps laconic while making conversation fun,

“I glory in this conversational pun.”

A. K. Buckroth having fun!