Diabetes Tour de Cure

Close to home, in Roseville, California, this fundraising bike ride for diabetes awarenes and a cure is happening on April 30, 2011. Here’s the link: http://tour.diabetes.org/site/PageServer?pagename=TC_homepage.  If not accessible through this blog post, please google or search “Diabetes Tour de Cure” for details. 

Inspired, once again, to participate in anything to promote a cure for diabetes, I have conceded and registered for this event. I have always enjoyed liesurely bike rides and parttake in many during good weather days.  However, I am now on a mission – another one –  and need your help!

My goal is to ride 20 miles. Why only twenty miles?  Because I have another Diabetes Speaking Engagement to participate in later that same morning.

Sure, I know I can physically ride longer, but that won’t happen – this time.

So, I need your hlep.  I need your help to raise money.  After the $25.00 registration fee per participant, a minimum of $150.00 is required per order of the American Diabetes Association. They are hosting this event.  They make the rules. 

Here’s what I figured: 20 miles at ten cents a mile = $2.00; 20 miles at 25 cents per mile = $5.00; 20 miles at fifty cents per mile = $10.00; and 20 miles at one dollar per mile = $20.00.  I’ll accept whatever you can contribute.

I am requesting that you make a donation, whatever the amount, through me and my biking efforts.  Yep, I’m asking you to sponsor me, it’s just as simple as that!  Another positive for you is that this is a “contributory” tax write-off!  I like those myself!

Checks must be made out to “The American Diabetes Association” and sent to my attention at P. O. Box 601013, Sacramento, CA 95608.

See, short and sweet. I thank you in advance for your considerations, honest!

Best regards….A. K. Buckroth, mydiabeticsoul.com.


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