Medical Expenses and Supplies

This is a tough subject for me to share.  It is magnanimous in detail and overwhelming to realize.  Wait, you’ll see what I’m talking about! 

Yes, as a lifetime diabetic – 50+ years and counting – the collection of medical supplies continues.  Compared with the cost of living, juggling a salary with necessary medical supply costs causes anxiety.  Anxiety, also known as stress, is one ingredient that is useless in the life of a diabetic.  Plainly, stress causes the rise of blood sugar and blood pressure.  Not good for anyone.

“Increasing Cost of Diabetes Places Strain on Healthcare Funds Medical expenses for diabetics are, on average, approximately 2.3 times higher than for those people who do not have diabetes, with approximately 10% of healthcare dollars spent on the condition and its complications. The expanding diabetes epidemic and resultant rise in the cost of diabetes is placing increasing burden on healthcare funds, which is already facing the strain from costs associated with the advancing age of the baby boomer generation.

“… study shows that significant changes in both public and private strategies are needed in order to help stem the rise in prevalence of diabetes, which is expected to fuel this rise in healthcare costs.

The Rising Cost of Diabetes for Healthcare: Surge in Medical Diabetes Costs Predicted as Epidemic Expands in USA

Never mind “the strain on healthcare funds,” what about the strain on the diabetic individual and his/her caregivers!! 

Heres’ a list of what I need and use on a daily basis in order to survive: 2 types of insulin, syringes, refrigerator to keep them cool, as required, a generator for emergency purposes for when the power goes out, insulin pump which requires infusion sets, cartridges, and an adhesive skin tape.

This list does not look too bad, as it is in words, does it?  However, as one box of anything gets used, I find it wise for me to order at least three boxes of each item.  These items are housed/kept/stored in various places such as a closet, a drawer, the top quarter of a kitchen cupboard, a purse, an emergency home kit, and an emergency car kit.  They are everywhere I am!  They have to be.  In a sense, I buy myself peace of mind and store it in a closet, drawer, box, bag, etc.  You get the picture.

Visualize, or try to at least, mounds of such supplies in one of your closets?  Do you have the space?  Do you have the money to keep this closet full?  Do you have peace of mind for yourself or a loved one whose beautiful body is assailed by this disease? 

The expense of each and every item is astronomical, truly, to say the least.   

Why Does Insulin Cost More than Ever?””  I found this link to be beneficial. 

The items I personally require to function, to live, on a daily basis, with their respective approximated  prices, are as follows:

  1. Apidra Insulin: $64.00 per vial (dependent on other factors such as shipping costs and suppliers discounts). One vial of any type/brand of insulin lasts me 4 (four) weeks.
  2. Levemere Insulin: $80.00 per vial (10 ml, to be used 28 days after opening” as stated with other insulin brands).
  3. Box of 100 Syringes: $15.00
  4. Insulin Pump: $7,322.00.
  5. Pump Infusion sets (needles):  $129.99 per box of 10 that can last approximately 30 days;
  6. Pump Cartridges: $36.50 for a box of 10 cartridges to last 30 days
  7. Adhesive Skin Tape: $51.75 per box of 100 can last a healthy time;
  8. Lithium Batteries for Insulin Pump: $6.00/2-pak;
  9. Refrigerator (the one I would like to have): $2,500.00.
  10. Home/House Generator: $350.00.
  11. Insulin and Syringe Cold Carrier: $69.99.

And it does not stop here, believe me! 

To conclude, I am sure you get the picture – in more ways than one.  This disease is costing these United States of America a tremendous monetary burden.  Imagine the cost for the world!  Diabetes needs to be cured.  The esteemed Dr. Elliott Proctor Joslin of Oxford Massachusetts foresaw this disease as an epidemic before 1946 (see http://www.mydiabetic, Chapter 5, page 84) and reported his findings to the Surgeon General of the U. S. Public Health Service at the time.  Therefore, “the” cure must be released.  I would like to see a cure in my lifetime.  I believe in research and researchers.  I have researched and I like researching.  However, appeals for public funding is not only necessary, but presently a bottomless pit.  Contradictory to each other.  So, I pray.

Thank you for reading me.  Please leave your remarks, they are actually a requirement!  My future blogs will be forthwith and available at “”  Link others to it!

Andrea K. Roth (aka:A. K. Buckroth) – MA, CA Notary Public, Author, Speaker, etc.


2 Responses to “Medical Expenses and Supplies”

  1. Suzette Says:

    Your writings are purely from your heart and will have a deep impact on other diabetics. Your history is clean, accurate and intelligent. Your struggle for diabetes will not be easy but be diligent and intense and you will help win the cure or surley make a big dent in diabetes education. My wishes for you are as strong as your wishes are for you. Keep on keeping on.

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