Yes, you read right – “Words” is the name of this little essay.

Although used on a daily basis, words are the main beam of communicating, other than having vocal cords.  I like words.  Always have.  So much so that I play word games in my head.  For instance, once a word enters my vortex, I will dissect it into many other words. 

Take the word “independence” for example.  Inside that one word there are others such as in, id, end, depend, pin, pen, pie, pine, etc.  You get the idea.  I compare this mind-game to playing a lone game of Scrabble, a fashionable yet old board game of words.  A most joyous game to me!

With the topic of words in mind, I appreciate new words, those that are not used on a daily basis, especially words that I have never seen before.  Words such  as deglutition, bloviate, manque, anent, pleiad, etc.  This list is endless and could become as fat as a voluminous dictionary!

Sharing such verbiage with you, I must let you know that I have not completely read any dictionary.  Long ago I read as far as the ‘d’ alphabet.  Just because I could.  However, such a task soon became tedious and was put aside.

Since that long-ago time, authors have enlightened me through their book readings with their use of unfamiliar words.  Habitually, I will dog-ear a page to enable myself to look up that word and its usage in a sentence.  This has been most interesting – to me.  

Off the topic for a moment, I have met more than one person whom are “numbers people.”  What I do with words in my mind, they do with numbers.  Peripeteia perhaps?  Go figure!  I am certainly not laconic!

Enjoy!  A. K. Buckroth


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