KATIE MAXWELL “Writing Achievement Award”

Among many other daily affairs and involvements, the Sacramento Suburban Writers Club (SSWC) has become one of my social passions.  In this day of explosive social networking, the SSWC helps to keep me grounded as a human being.  Here is a small background:

“SACRAMENTO SUBURBAN WRITERS CLUB, established in 1955, is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving writers in the Sacramento region.  The club meets monthly, in Fair Oaks.  New writers and experienced writers are encouraged to join.”

So be it.  Having been a member for less than a year, I was throughly encouraged to get my book published.  Such a facet was accomplished as of March, 2010.  With that in mind, three days ago I was granted the “Katie Maxwell Writing Achievement Award For Outstanding Achievement In Writing.”  Phew!  What a fantastic surprise!

Such an accomplishment could not have been achieved without the social interactions, inspirations, and encouragements from the other members.  With that being said, I strongly encourage wannabe writers to search out writing groups in your areas.  Your muse will find you.


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