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Childrens’ Summer Camps!

April 25, 2010

YAY!  Going to summer camp was always a favorite time of year for me – knowing that in July or August, I would be gone from home for two or three weeks.  I looked forward to it all year long!  Being away from my siblings, my mother, my daily chores, my summer boredom was relieved through summer camp.

From my recollections, January was the time when I was initially informed about being able to go.  This means, parents, that research needs to be started, applications filled out, then onto the inventory list once your child is accepted.  Much of the decision-factor is on a first-come, first-served (accepted) basis.  Analogous to a preferred school.

Heres’ a list of summer camps in California I researched for you: Bearskin Meadow Camp, Camp Conrad-Chinnock, Camp De Los Ninos, Camp Wana Kura, Larry L. Hillblom Teen Camp DJ Sequoia Lake, Larry L. Hillblom Youth Camp, Teen Cruise Camp, and The Diabetes Society of Santa Clara Valley.

Your local YWCA and YMCA’s have a list as well.  Network with the parents and teachers at  your childs’ school to learn about more.

Good luck!  AK.


Yard Work!

April 25, 2010

The title of this particular blog may flash visualizations of a lawn mower to include a rake, perhaps a pair of gloves and the safety of having to wear socks and [work] shoes, so be it.

 In order to get myself away from this computer – to enjoy the limited days’ sunshine and look/scan/admire what my neighbors’ paid-for-gardeners have accomplished – I do it myself.  Ahh, spring!  It brings forth such energy!

My accomplishments include six hours of (1.) mowing the front lawn.  The back yard is another days’ story.  Not liking the way the grass edges were crookedly meeting with the sidewalk, (2.) I killed it.  Yep, just ripped it out and put the excess in the “Green Waste Bucket [barrel].”  Onto the front yard walkway, (3.) I couldn’t help but think of my mailman, wondering if he would, in fact, comment on  any possible improvements.  He never does, he’s in such a hurry to get his chores done.  Without his opinion, I used my imagination.

Onward I go!!  In the end, my picking, pulling, weeding, chopping, cutting, electrified hedging, de-rooting, de-weeding, etc. etc. etc., looks glorious – to me.

And that is what matters on this beautiful day!



April 24, 2010

Hmm.  This word, “relationship,” has been on my mind of late.  Flatly, a relationship is a connection.  As humans, we have a relationship with, to and for other people.  That is the easy part.  Such an intangible begins as a kinship through family and extended family.  It’s a people thing. 

As we progress and mature, we unknowingly come across a wide gamut of relationships.  For instance, one with nature, one with the law, a medical team, and another, perhaps, with business (work).   When I think about it, the list can be endless.

However, I would like to narrow down this noun with the relationship we possess with ourselves?  With your self?

Have you ever had anyone ask you “How is your relationship with you?”    Hmm.  Cause to pause.  Simple answers are more easily forthcoming through being asked simply “How are you?”

Analytically, a relationship with your self is private and may produce an in-depth, complicated answer.   It is easier to reply with the factors of your involvement with another person or persons, with your work routine, your environment, the causes you support, your political and/or religious views, etc.   

My relationship with me involves caring for my physical needs first, then onto my emotional needs.   My relationship with myself is not always as shiny as I may portray.   I cater to the harmony of myself in order to be aware and attentive to others’ needs and requirements.  A little too heavy?  Well, I thought it interesting to at least think about!

So, how are you?!  How is your relationship with yourself these days?


I’ve missed you!

April 21, 2010

Yes, I have certainly and most definitely missed writing you.  However, there are good reasons.

To begin, my insulin pump stopped working for at least eight days.  Not familiar with such a device?  Well, I won’t share a long description or explanation.  Briefly, it is a computerized machine, similar to a human pancreas, that I wear on my waistband.  That’s the simple part.  When it refuses to operate properly and as programmed, sickness occurs.  As an insulin-dependent diabetic for over fifty years now, being without insulin for even a very short period of time turns me into a physical, emotional, and psychological mess!  It’s just plain awful. 

With that said, I contacted my dependable pharmacy for a refill on a box of one hundred syringes and one vial of a long-lasting type of insulin.  Seventy-six dollars later, I was at a teary point.  How many times must a person budget a budget?!  I guess as many times as it takes.  Not easy.

To go on, the scheduled carpet cleaners were expected at 10:00am and did not show until 5:00pm.  Okay, I swallowed my tongue and got over that. 

Then, one of my two dogs had diarrhea.  Yep.  Not a pretty sight.  Again, I took care of that.

Due to something I wrote in my book, an autobiography mind you, insulted a family member.  She has not spoken to me for six days.   Good Lord!

Wait, I’m not done yet!

A member of the charitable organization that is to receive proceeds from the sale of the aforementioned autobiography e-mailed me a request to stop mentioning the book on their newsgroup.  Can you believe that?!  I am beside myself – with a hole in my heart!  How can that even be a possibility?!  

To top it off, my telephone stopped working.  That could actually be a good thing, if you really think about it.  However, I was unable to place outgoing calls for three days.  Ho hum.

With my husband being in La (comic relief for “Los Angeles”), I try my hardest not to complain and put all these conundrums in a humorous light.  After all, there’s nothing he can do.   So, I go on.

So, what’s up in YOUR world?!    I thank you for your ongoing visits to my website.  I look forward to viewing viewers’ views.  Ha ha.

I just wanted to ‘touch base’ and let you know I am still here.  I like you and will be in touch sooner than you can – well, whatever.  Goodnight!  Thank you for listening.  AK.


Wannabee Writers!

April 14, 2010

So, you wanna write.   You dream about  having an article published.  Better still, you dream about being a published author, having written a book.  Daily, you think about plots, settings, themes, words, creating, innovating.  You have a story to tell.  However, your procrastination gets the better of you, continually. 

Not sure of answering “how,” “who,” “what,” “when,” “where,” and “how much,” you are at a loss to a new beginning, perhaps doubtful, perhaps lacking in self-confidence, lacking in motivation and inspiration, etc.   Well, stop right there!

Simply, here are suggestions to get you started: (1.) Library – contact them to find out their hours; ask them if there is a writers’ group or club available for you to sit in on.  (2.) Internet search – through one search engine or another, type in NameofYourCityWritersGroups and press “Go” or “Search,” whichever the case may be.   For instance, as I reside in Sacramento County, California, I googled “Sacramento, CA, Writers Groups,” pressed “go,” and came up with two groups. 

Happy I did so, I am now a member of the “Sacramento Suburban Writers Club.”  The monthly meetings are held in a back conference room of the Fair Oaks Library.  Through other members’ encouragement, references, arranged speakers, and shared ideas, my book was published.  To me, the members’ insatiable knowledge was my highlight!

For hoots and giggles, their website is    

Be happy!  A. K. Buckroth