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Becoming ever-so-familiar with tuDiabetes…

December 29, 2009

…many diabetics learn from each other and about each other.  If you are reading this blog, check out tuDiabetes.  I am sure will familiarize yourself further with your disease.  AK.


No time to read just yet.

December 29, 2009

Thank goodness I did not receive any new books for Christmas.  As an avid reader, I still have approximately 75 unread books to accomplish.  A usual 3 – 5 at-a-time book reader, I relish the opportunity to continue.   Happy reading to you!  A. K. Buckroth.

Holiday Dinners

December 22, 2009

Who is having what for Christmas Eve AND Christmas Day Dinners?  In our house, we celebrate the Polish Wilia (the “w” is pronounced as a “v”) that consists of an odd number of courses – seven, nine or eleven.  Christmas Day is prime rib (when affordable), easy on the carbohydrates, big on vegetables and fresh fruits.   Shopping is not done until I get the shrimp!  God bless America, always!  A. K. Buckroth

Welcome to my world!

December 10, 2009

An e-mail friend of mine, Karen, just had her third kidney transplant.  Due to diabetes complications, this happened.  It is one of the facts of life with diabetes.  My kid-sister, Judy, awaits her third kidney.  All this to stay alive.  Judy has been on ‘the [kidney donor] list’ for four years now.  I think because her blood type is O-, which rare in itself, donors are scarce.